Important Dates: FALL SEMESTER, 2023

September 6, 2023: Fall 2023 semester begins. Use your portal username and password to access courses that you have registered for starting on this date.

September 15, 2023: Last day to register and pay for Fall 2023 semester courses.

September 22, 2023: Last day for 100% refund of course fee.*

September 29, 2023: Last day for 50% refund of course fee.*

September 30, 2023 onward: No refund of course fee.

November 24, 2023: Final exam period begins.***

December 9, 2023: Final exam period ends.***

December 9, 2023: Last day to request to defer a course. **

Academic withdrawal from a course may take place at any time unless the final exam has been written.

* All course refunds are subject to a $40 administrative fee. Students must send a withdrawal request and a request for refund to Refunds are not available if any course work has been submitted. (See deferral below.) NOTE: Deferred courses are not subject to a future refund in a subsequent semester.

** Students may be able to defer their course registration to the next scheduled semester for a fee. For a student who has not participated in the course, the administrative fee is $40.00 + HST. For a student who has participated only once in either a discussion board posting or a term assignment, the administrative fee is $90.00 + HST.

***Exams: Fall Semester, 2023

The final exam period begins November 24, 2023 and ends December 9, 2023. To facilitate a smooth exam experience, each course is assigned a window within which you are required to write your final exam. The windows for each exam are as follows:

  • November 24-November 28
    Accounting and Financial Management
    Occupational Health and Safety
    Strategic Human Resources Planning
  • November 29-December 3
    Human Resources Management
    Organizational Behaviour
    Training and Development
  • December 4-December 9
    Industrial Relations
    Strategic Compensation
    Recruitment and Selection

A student who misses a scheduled examination must meet the conditions of the Medical or Personal Emergency Policy to be considered eligible for rescheduling. The request for rescheduling must include supporting documentation, for example, medical documentation, and it must be submitted within five business days of the missed exam.

Examination Retake Policy

In all the courses, it is required to pass the final examination with a grade of at least 65% in order to pass the course, regardless of grades earned in other components. If your overall term grade is at least 65%, but your examination grade is less than 65%, you may elect to take the examination for the same course during the next semester's examination period. A Successful result will then amend your course grade accordingly. if your term grade is less than 65% or if you prefer to repeat the entire course, then you may do so.

The fee for retaking an Examination in the next semester (permitted when your term grade result is at least 65%) is $150.00. For more information, contact

Medical or Personal Emergency Policy

CPHR considers an emergency to be an unplanned medical or personal event that arises within 48 hours of the scheduled exam and prevents the candidate from taking the exam. If you encounter a medical or personal emergency and choose to write the exam anyway; even if you do not complete the exam, you will be deemed to have written the exam. In other words, if you are present during the examination when the exam begins, you will be deemed to have written the exam. No exam rewrite can be offered.

A medical or personal emergency may apply to candidates themselves or to a member of the candidate's immediate family (spouse, child or parent). Candidates are expected to request to reschedule their exam if they are aware of a medical or personal event that can be anticipated will occur on or near the exam date. Medical and personal events that can be anticipated are not considered emergencies. Inability to take the exam due to work load or work conflicts, or inability to properly prepare for the exam, is not considered an emergency. Medical or personal emergency requests must be made by e-mail to within five business days of the missed exam and must include a description of the situation as well as documentation of the emergency or extenuating circumstance. Requests to reschedule because of a medical or personal emergency are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Candidates will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of their request.

Special Accommodation Requests for Examinations

It is CPHR's policy to provide reasonable testing accommodations for candidates with documented disabilities. Reasonable accommodation refers to any adjustment to the examination materials or testing environment that permits a qualified applicant with a disability to perform, without undue hardship to the institution providing accommodation. Documented disabilities are those for which there is a diagnosis by a qualified professional.

The purpose of accommodations is to provide equity, not advantage. Any requested modification that would substantially alter essential elements of the examination will not be granted. As a general principle, it is desirable to retain as much of the original examination materials and testing environment as possible, and make the accommodations specific to the disability or disabilities in question.

The request for accommodation must be made by e-mail to at least 20 days prior to the beginning of the final examination period.

Technical Difficulties During Final Examination

Loss of Internet connection during a final exam resulting in the non-completion of the exam can be remedied by allowing additional time subsequently to complete the exam or, in the case of relatively little of the exam being written, by providing an alternate exam to be written promptly.