Prior Learning Assessment Equivalency Course Database for the CPHR Academic Program

Here, you can determine whether academic courses you have taken previously have already been assessed as equivalent to courses in the CPHR Academic Program.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have successfully completed an academic Human Resources Program from a Canadian Province, please check the site of the Provincial CPHR Association to determine if it has been accepted as an accredited program. If it has, you do need to apply for PLAR.


  • Use Find on your Browser or scroll down to find your College, University or Institution and click on "Institution" to open the entry.
  • Scroll down to find your program (if it is listed). Click on "Program" to check if  your course ID has been entered, whether your progam has been listed or is shown as "Not Specified".
  • Check whether there is an equivalent Academic Program course title in the column to the right of your course ID. If there is a course listed, then your course is equivalent to a CPHR Academic Program course.
    If there is an equivalent CPHR AP course listed to the right of your course ID and another item number is listed in the next column to the right, then the course matching that item number is also required for the equivalence.
    Once you find your course, you may then click on the Item # (last column) to see the assessment in details with labels.
    If it is marked "None" to the right of your course ID, then your course has been previously assessed as not equivalent to any Academic Program course.
  • If you cannot find the course you took on the list below, you can request that it be assessed. You will be requested to provide the detailed course outline including the learning objectives or topics for each session, the required textbook readings and types of assignments, or the link to where these items can be found.
  • Once you have determined which, if any, of your courses have been previously assessed as equivalent, you may return to the PLAR registration page to submit your application. You will be provided with your fee statement for approval and payment prior to beginning your assessment.
collapse Institution : Acadia University ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Acsenda School of Management ‎(13)
collapse Institution : Algonquin College ‎(14)
collapse Institution : Ambrose Alli University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Ambrose University ‎(7)
collapse Institution : Anna University Coimbatore ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Ashton College ‎(6)
collapse Institution : Athabasca University ‎(13)
collapse Institution : Bangladesh University of Business + Technology ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Bishop’s University ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Bow Valley College (BVC) ‎(18)
collapse Institution : British Columbia Institute of Technology - BCIT ‎(24)
collapse Institution : Camosun College ‎(9)
collapse Institution : Cape Breton University ‎(8)
collapse Institution : Capilano University ‎(4)
collapse Institution : Certified Institute of Personnel Management  of Nigeria ‎(4)
collapse Institution : Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria ‎(4)
collapse Institution : Christ University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick ‎(2)
collapse Institution : College of New Caledonia ‎(9)
collapse Institution : College of the North Atlantic ‎(9)
collapse Institution : Columbia Southern University ‎(3)
collapse Institution : Concordia University of Edmonton ‎(14)
collapse Institution : Conestoga College ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Confederation College ‎(4)
collapse Institution : Crandall University ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Dalhousie University ‎(8)
collapse Institution : Dalian Minizu University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Douglas College ‎(11)
collapse Institution : Durham College ‎(13)
collapse Institution : Enugu State University of Science and Technology ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Fairleigh Dickinson University ‎(3)
collapse Institution : Fanshawe College ‎(18)
collapse Institution : George Brown College ‎(21)
collapse Institution : Gujarat Technological University ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Holland College ‎(10)
collapse Institution : ICFAI University Dehradun ‎(2)
collapse Institution : IILM: Academy of Higher Learning Lucknow ‎(3)
collapse Institution : Indira Institute of Management ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Kurukshetra University Kurukshetra ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Kwantlen Polytechnic University ‎(11)
collapse Institution : Lakehead University ‎(8)
collapse Institution : Lakeland College ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Lambton College ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Langara College ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Liberty University ‎(5)
collapse Institution : MacEwan University ‎(29)
collapse Institution : Mahatma Gandhi Univeristy ‎(7)
collapse Institution : McGill University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : McMaster University ‎(11)
collapse Institution : Memorial University ‎(15)
collapse Institution : Mohawk College ‎(7)
collapse Institution : Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick ‎(4)
collapse Institution : Mount Royal University (MRU) ‎(21)
collapse Institution : Mount Saint Vincent University ‎(8)
collapse Institution : National University of Science and Technology -- Zimbabwe ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Niagara College ‎(10)
collapse Institution : Norquest College ‎(9)
collapse Institution : North Island College ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) ‎(20)
collapse Institution : Northern Caribbean University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Not Specified ‎(7)
collapse Institution : Nova Scotia Community College ‎(8)
collapse Institution : Okanagan College ‎(10)
collapse Institution : Polytechnic University of the Philippines ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Queen's University ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Red Deer College (RDC) ‎(17)
collapse Institution : Royal Military College of Canada ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Saint Mary's University ‎(12)
collapse Institution : Saskatchewan Polytechnic ‎(9)
collapse Institution : Savitribai Phule Pune University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Selkirk College ‎(1)
collapse Institution : Seneca college ‎(9)
collapse Institution : Sheridan College ‎(12)
collapse Institution : Simon Fraser University - SFU ‎(10)
collapse Institution : Singapore Institute Of Management University ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Sir Sandford Fleming College ‎(5)
collapse Institution : Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) ‎(20)
collapse Institution : St. Clair College ‎(6)
collapse Institution : St. Francis Xavier University ‎(5)
collapse Institution : ST. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies ‎(6)
collapse Institution : St. Lawrence College ‎(6)
collapse Institution : Swinburne University of Technology ‎(2)
collapse Institution : The Institute of Administration and Commerce -- Zimbabwe ‎(1)
collapse Institution : The University of the West Indies ‎(3)
collapse Institution : Thompson Rivers University ‎(14)
collapse Institution : Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) ‎(3)
collapse Institution : Trinity Western University ‎(7)
collapse Institution : Université Sainte-Anne ‎(3)
collapse Institution : University Canada West ‎(8)
collapse Institution : University of Alberta (U of A) ‎(25)
collapse Institution : University of British Columbia - UBC ‎(10)
collapse Institution : University of Calgary (U of C) ‎(22)
collapse Institution : University of Edinburgh ‎(2)
collapse Institution : University of Fredericton ‎(1)
collapse Institution : University of Lethbridge (U of L) ‎(12)
collapse Institution : University of Madras ‎(1)
collapse Institution : University of Manitoba ‎(8)
collapse Institution : University of New Brunswick ‎(19)
collapse Institution : University of Northern BC ‎(9)
collapse Institution : University of Ottawa ‎(1)
collapse Institution : University of Prince Edward Island ‎(6)
collapse Institution : University of Quebec in Trois-Rivières ‎(2)
collapse Institution : University of Regina ‎(6)
collapse Institution : University of Saskatchewan Edwards School of Business ‎(10)
collapse Institution : University of the Fraser Valley ‎(8)
collapse Institution : University of the West Indies ‎(1)
collapse Institution : University of Victoria ‎(4)
collapse Institution : University of Western Australia ‎(1)
collapse Institution : University of Winnipeg ‎(6)
collapse Institution : Vancouver Community College ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Vancouver Island ‎(10)
collapse Institution : Vancouver Island University ‎(2)
collapse Institution : Wrexham Glyndwr University ‎(1)
collapse Institution : York University ‎(28)