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Continuing Education (CE) Courses

If you are currently preparing for the CAIB 1, CAIB 2, CAIB 3 or CAIB 4 examination, our online CAIB courses are excellent study tools. You must purchase the corresponding textbook from IBABC prior to registering for an online CAIB course. The registration fee for online CAIB 1, CAIB 2, CAIB 3 or CAIB 4 is $49 for IBABC members and $99 for non-members + GST.
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  In addition to our popular classroom-based seminars, IBABC has numerous online CE courses to qualify you for the credits you need to maintain your BC General Insurance Agent's or Adjuster's license. All of our courses have been created by top insurance professionals, lawyers or experts in relevant industries.
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Insurance Council of B.C. Rules Course


Duties and Responsibilities for Level 3 Agents and Nominees in BC

In this course, you'll learn about the important organizations, laws, regulations, rules and guidelines that govern the licensing and professional activities of insurance salespersons, agents and adjusters in the province of British Columbia.
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  Presented in co-operation with the Insurance Council of British Columbia, this seminar addresses the duties and responsibilities of a Level 3 general insurance agent in B.C. This seminar is required for all existing Level 3 agents, including nominees, as a condition of licensing in B.C. and is a requirement for anyone planning to apply for a Level 3 agent's license.
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Customer Service for the Insurance Professional (CSIP)


Course Extensions

The Customer Service for the Insurance Professional (CSIP) course is a mandatory component of the New Broker Essential Skills certificate program and may also be taken by any licensed, IBABC member broker. This course will enhance your understanding of key customer service concepts and to help you apply them in your daily interactions.
Special thanks to CNS and IBAC for making this online course possible.
Please Note: This course is available to IBABC members and New Broker Essential Skills students only and does not provide licensees with any CE Credits whatsoever.
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  The following course extensions are available:
  • $29 course extension fee for two weeks of extended access.
  • $15 course re-activation fee for up to one week of extended access.

To purchase a course extension, send an email to:

NOTE: All course extensions are subject to the following:

  • Extensions only apply to the same course(s) originally registered for;
  • Extensions are only granted within four weeks of the original course(s) access expiry;
  • Maximum of one extension per course;
  • Extensions are not available for one-year subscriptions.

Subscription Fees and Group Discounts for CE Courses

Instead of paying separately for each CE course, IBABC members are now welcome to purchase an annual subscription for $150 + GST ($157.50) per year for access to all CE courses on this site. IBABC non-members are also welcome to purchase an annual subscription fee for $300 + GST ($315)

Also, a single purchase of 10 or more subscriptions from one member organization qualify for a discount. The discounted group fee per user for one full year of access to all CE courses on this site is $100 plus GST ($105).

Please ensure you have determined the total number of subscriptions you would like to purchase.

On receipt of payment for all subscriptions, Captus Press Inc. will provide further instructions for creating accounts for your employees. Each subscription will be valid for the same period, regardless of when they are activated.

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