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A Non-Profit Organization for Education and Certification of Phlebotomists

Welcome to the National Phlebotomy Association online exam prep.  The purpose of these exams are to help you prepare for the National Phlebotomy's Board Examination for national certification as a phlebotomist. 

This exam prep consists of

  • a diagnostic exam of 50 questions which shows, by competency area, where the student is strong, and where further study may be required.
  • a sample version of the NPA certification exam, consisting of 240 questions.
  • an interactive discussion area where the student may pose questions to NPA professionals.

The National Phlebotomy Association Board of Directors mandated that the Chief Executive Officer, Diane C. Crawford, develop a plan to automate the National NPA Certification Examination.

The NPA staff met and investigated the method that was needed to accomplish this task. After several meetings and investigation to insure that all concerns would meet NPA’s standards, a company was chosen to help in this new endeavor.

The National Phlebotomy Association is proud to present the first step to establish NPA’s Diagnostic Testing and Practice Exam Study System online, with self-directed tests and a moderated discussion board where you can ask questions and receive answers. NPA looks forward to assisting you with any questions you may have as we move forward to take advantage of new Internet-based technology.

The cost of the National Phlebotomy Association online exam prep is US$70.00 for 6 weeks access.

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