Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker Program

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  • Registration in an online CAIB course provides you with 12 weeks of online access.

Course Extensions

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All course extensions are subject to the following
  • Extensions only apply to the same course(s) originally registered for;
  • Extensions are only granted within two weeks of the original course(s) access expiry;
  • Maximum of one extension per course;
  • Extensions are not available for one-year subscriptions.

Online CAIB Courses Available:

CAIB 1 explores the basics of fire insurance. After an introduction to insurance concepts and habitational policies, farm policies and automobile policies are discussed in depth. The concluding module deals with building towards professionalism and the regulation and duties of brokers. 

CAIB 2 is entirely concerned with commercial property insurance coverages, focusing on the underwriting of commercial property insurance, commercial property policy forms, additional coverage forms, miscellaneous property forms, crime insurance and business interruption insurance. 

CAIB 3 provides a comprehensive study of commercial liability insurance and other important commercial coverages. The initial focus is on commercial liability and the law, the commercial general liability policy, commercial automobile exposures and surety bonds. The course then explores ocean marine insurance, aviation insurance and the basic concepts of risk management. 

CAIB 4 course provides an introduction to the principles of organizing and managing an insurance brokerage business. Many of the concepts presented are general business concepts, which can be applied to any commercial enterprise. Other topics focus on some of the unique concerns of a modern Canadian property and casualty insurance brokerage. 

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