Welcome to the Demo of Captus Press' Online National Knowledge Exam Prep Course!

The online prep course has been developed to assist candidates who are preparing to write the National Knowledge Exam which is a requirement to obtain your CPHR.

The course consists of many components designed to help you assess your current readiness to write the NKE Exam, access additional learning in the competencies where you need to increase your knowledge, and practice writing exams similar to the actual NKE exam.

  1. A Diagnostic Test - your first step to creating a customized study plan!
  2. Human Resources Management Multimedia Internet Course with nearly 25 hours of lectures on core human resources management content.
  3. The CPHR NKE Preparation Handbook in e-book format provides you with 300 pages of concise coverage of key concepts of the Competency Framework, conveniently organized by Competency. View a sample of the handbook.
  4. Four Timed Practice Exams simulate the actual exam experience and allow you to gauge your level of performance.
  5. Reference List: An extensive list of additional textbook resources is provided for those who wish to broaden and deepen their study of the Competencies and the Human Resources field in general beyond what can be provided in a prep course.
  6. Glossary: A glossary of terms is very useful for all who are preparing for the NKE and especially those who have not previously studied or worked in the human resources field. Being able to look up professional terms enables a better and more rapid understanding of the learning content in the prep course.
  7. Interactive Discussion Group where you can interact with fellow participants, and where Stephanie Milliken is available to give you personal assistance. Good luck with your preparation, we look forward to your comments and feedback!
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