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Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition Program

Is now available online

The Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition (PGSCN) program has been designed by the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board to prepare you in the necessary areas of Clinical Nutrition so that you may successfully navigate the CCN (Certified Clinical Nutritionist) Exam.

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Please contact Captus if you need to reschedule your exam. The fee is $25.



Are you ready to begin?

  • Register in and begin any session by submitting payment of $1125.00 per session via this site. Follow the steps below for registration:
    1. Click on "Register Now", fill out and submit the registration form. You will be presented with a confirmation page and code that you need to retain.
    2. If you are paying by credit card, you will immediately receive your username & password. For other methods of payment, click on Obtain Username & Password to obtain your personal access one business day after submitting your registration and payment. You may also retrieve your username & password by clicking the above link.
    3. Select "Access Your Course" to begin.
  • Print out the pertinent documents for the current Session and begin your online study.
  • After completion of PGSCN SI, SII, SIII and SIV, submit the CCN Exam Application for approval (notarized).

STUDY:  In the CCN Exam Study Guide there is a list of books, the exam can be derived from any or all of the listed books. This is your best resource to purchase for Exam preparation outside of the PGSCN program.


For questions, feel free to call the CNCB office at 972-250-2829 or email Debra at ddc@clinicalnutrition.com