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Welcome to Osteoporosis Canada’s online training course for volunteers!

The Volunteer Education Training course is targeted at volunteers who want to work with Osteoporosis Canada to prevent secondary fractures. 
The course gives you the information you need to know about how to become a volunteer Fracture Prevention Educator or a Community Ambassador. 
With this course, you will be part of an exciting program to train volunteers to prevent secondary fractures among at-risk groups.  You will be joining a network of fracture prevention volunteers working in cities and towns from coast to coast to coast. 
Level 1 is required for all volunteers and covers basic information about OC
Level 2 is for people who want to focus on fracture prevention education 
Level 3 provides comprehensive information about the gap in diagnosis and treatment, and why we focus on secondary fracture prevention.
Level 4 is directed at people who want to become volunteer leaders  
Click here to register for the online Volunteer Education Training course.