Argentum Online Learning


Argentum's Sales Counselor Certificate Program helps build knowledge and competencies so that senior living professionals are able to speak with common vernacular from the very beginning of their employment, which leads to better performance, job satisfaction and retention. This program covers the basics so sales associates may focus their onboarding efforts on skills development, in depth sales execution, case studies, and competitive differentiators.

The Sales Counselor Certificate Program consists of a course and a test. The course contains an estimated three to four hours of self-paced learning, which users have up to eight weeks to complete. After completing the course, users can take the unproctored, online test consisting of 60 multiple choice questions. Users must correctly answer at least 43 test questions to pass and upon doing so, receive a certificate of completion in PDF format. (Those who do not successfully complete the test are encouraged to review the content again before re-attempting to pass the test.)


Course users may register individually using a credit card, or as part of a group using a unique coupon code, by clicking the appropriate link below.

Visit our website for more information about Argentum's Senior Living Sales Counselor program, or contact Argentum at 703.562.1187.