Disaster Recovery Firsthand

The number-one lesson learned from major disasters is that recovery should start immediately after a disaster, with a level of intensity matched to need. Achieving this goal requires a highly resourced and functional level of support and resiliency in both the private sector and the public sector. In this session, recorded at the IBABC annual conference in 2016, two leaders in disaster recovery – Tim Grafton, Chief Executive of the Insurance Council of New Zealand, and Henry Renteria, President and CEO of the Renteria Group – share their experiences and lessons learned from major earthquake and firestorm disasters.

Moderated by Chuck Byrne, IBABC’s Executive Director and COO, the discussion centres around disaster insurance and recovery systems in New Zealand, the impact of disasters on society, urban infrastructure and the insurance industry, and recommendations for disaster preparedness improvement in British Columbia.

Credit: 3 Technical Credits

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