Mentoring - A Key Component in Personal and Professional Development

n this online seminar, you will learn about the significant need and essential approaches for effective mentoring in the insurance brokerage. Module 1 is mandatory for all participants to complete, while Module 2 is only mandatory for New Broker Essential Skills (NBES) program mentors to undertake. In Module 1, the topics discussed include: what mentoring is and what it is not, what mentors do, the elements of an effective mentoring relationship, qualities of effective mentors, what mentorees look for in a mentor, tips and techniques for successful mentoring, mentoring for succession, and more. Module 2 carries on from the first module to specifically instruct NBES mentors how to develop and maintain mentoring relationships with NBES students, with particular reference to the programís curriculum.

Credit: 2 Technical Credits (Level 3 Licensees Only)

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