Privacy Compliance – How to Protect Your Brokerage, Part 2

Part 2 of the Privacy Compliance - How to Protect Your Brokerage course explores more advanced topics.

In Module 1, we will get a better understanding of what cyber-liability is and consider various high-profile cyber breaches to understand how they occur, what kind of liability may arise for an organization that encounters this type of privacy breach and how to manage breaches when they arise. We will also review ways to prevent privacy breaches.

In Module 2, we will consider the impacts of cloud computing and working outside the office on privacy, and investigate the kinds of risks that are presented when working in these ways. We will also talk about some solutions to avoid and manage these risks.

And, lastly, in Module 3 we will take a look at Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, how it relates to issues of privacy, and what steps to undertake to ensure that you are in compliance with this relatively new law. And, as most insurance brokerages are payment-card merchants, we’ll also investigate the need to protect payment cardholder information through compliance with applicable security standards.

Credit: 4 Technical Credits

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