The following Continuing Education courses are grouped by competency. Each course contains multimedia lectures, which can be rewatched as needed before attempting the final test. A certificate will be awarded upon sucessful completion of the test.

Each Continuing Education course costs $49 plus tax and offers four weeks access. Extensions can be purchased for $29 plus tax. Contact to purchase an extension.

Human Resources Management

Strategy and HR Planning
In this course, you will learn that the effective management of HR requires staffing needs to be anticipated sufficiently in advance to permit the recruitment and development of fully qualified personnel to meet these needs. The importance of scanning the external environment, including competitors will also be discussed.
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Industrial Relations

Union and Management Perspective
This course provides extensive coverage of the union actor in terms of labor unions, labour federations and the workers these labor actors represent. It also examines the actor of 'management' with particular emphasis on strategic planning and decisions, high performance HRM practices, as well as the more proactive role that management now plays in the IR system.
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This course examine the entire collective bargaining process from pre-bargaining to contract settlement. It also provides an overview of the typical elements and/or clauses of a collective agreement.
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The Impact of Unionization
This course focuses on the conversion mechanisms that enable the actors to convert external and internal inputs. It will also examine the impacts of unionization; specifically, a union's impact on management practices, firm efficiency, and employee measures.
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Occupational Health and Safety

Workplace Training and Hazards
This course begins with a discussion of psychosocial hazards. It examines issues surrounding workplace violence, and pays specific attention to workplace health and safety training. The course ends with a discussion about how to ensure employees utilize the knowledge and skills gained during training.
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Emergency Planning and Workplace Safety Planning
This course discusses what organizations should do to prepare before, during and after an emergency. It examines how employers can promote safe workplaces; coordinate programming in health, rehabilitation and accommodation interventions; and consider the barrier to succesful disability management. It ends with a discussion of work-family and health-promotion programs.
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Organizational Behaviour

This course examines the behaviour of people within an organizational context. By the end of this course, you should attain a better understanding of the work environment in which most of us spend a large part of our lives.
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Personality, Learning, and Organizational Behaviour
This course examines personality and learning, important factors that influence employee attitudes and behaviour in organizations. It describes a number of general and specific personality characteristics that are important for organizational behaviour and then discusses learning in organizations, learning theories, and organizational learning practices.
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This course review the major theories of leadership in organizational behaviour. It also considers a number of situational theories of leadership including Fiedler's Contingency Theory, House's Path-Goal Theory, and the Vroom and Jago situational model of participation. Several recent theories of leadership will also be covered.
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Organizational Change and Development
This course examines the nature of organizational change, the change process, models for change, resistance to change, and organizational development.
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Strategic Compensation

Performance Pay Choices and Formulating the Reward And Compensation Strategy
This course explores the different performance pay choices open to organizations: individual, group/team, and organization wide. It also examines focuses on the compensation strategy formulation process.
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