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Proctoring Requirements

Starting in the Spring 2018 semester, the final exam of the OAP courses must use the enhanced online proctoring (continuous personal proctoring for better service as of fall 2018), or the proctoring service provided by a library, an exam centre within a college or university from a computer with Internet access to the course site. The exam must be started no earlier than 9 AM and must be completed no later than 10 PM (Eastern Time). For students writing in a different time zone, he/she shall be allowed to write at their local time outside of the Eastern Time Window, only by emailing admin@captus.com 3 days in advance of the exam. Please note that immediate response technical support is available between 9am and 5pm Eastern time on weekdays.

Click here for a list of facilities providing proctoring services in Ontario

For those writing their exams outside of Ontario, they may use a local exam centre or the online proctoring service that is available to all.

Any costs associated with proctoring are the responsibility of the student.

Please be sure to make your invigilation arrangement well in advance of the final exam period.

Registration is now closed for the Fall 2019 semester.